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Best Cities in the World Readers’ Choice Awards 2015. Budapest is the second best city in the world, according to a web-based survey organised by Conde Nast Traveller , the TOP US Travel Magazine. Overall Rating: 86.090.  The Italian city of Florence came first in the vote, with a lead of some 500 votes above the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Vienna, in Austria, came a close third, only seventy votes behind Budapest. (Source : MTI)

„With some of the best Art Nouveau architecture in Europe, scenic Budapest has no bad angles. Explore the Hungarian capital’s spa culture with thermal baths built in the 16 th and 17 th century, and make sure to pay a visit to the ornate New York Kávéház for coffee and a pastry. Walk the Széchenyi Chain Bridge at night over the Danube River for magnificent views, and eat a bowl of traditional gulyás at the three-level Central Market before turning in for the night.” (Source : www.cntraveler.com

Public transport in Hungary is free of charge for EU, EEA member States, and Swiss citizens over the age of 65.

Budapest is a fast-growing medical tourism destination.
If you travel to Budapest for medical treatment (dental, cosmetic, laser eye or eyelid surgery), you have just found your accommodation.
1054 Budapest Vécsey utca 5

Tourism-review.com presents the 5 best destinations in Europe for movie fans. (London- Prága -Budapest- Párizs –Róma) Scenic beauty, historical locations and film actors serve as the icons for such holidays. Budapest featured in some amazing films like "Munich","An American Rhapsody" and "Dinotopia." Monte Carlo was filmed on location in Paris and Monte Carlo, but many scenes of both cities were filmed in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is one of the most wonderful filming locations throughout the world. Visit some historical film locations in Budapest!

Aquaworld Resort Budapest is one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe, which opens all year round. Aquaworld Resort Budapest is one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe, which offers unforgettable entertainment, a range of great programmes for kids and families, like swimming, a summer camp, a playhouse. There is a free shuttle bus between Heroes’ Square & Aquaworld.

Our most popular travel package is the „Beauty farm package”. The anti-stress week includes a thermal spa experience, a yumeiho therapy and an anti aging and skin care treatment.
The anti-stress week includes a thermal spa experience, a yumeiho therapy and an anti aging and skin care treatment for women and man. It will be the perfect escape! A minimum 7- night-stay is required. The anti-stress week includes 5 beauty farm days/ person. The thermal spa lets you refresh your body and soul. Whether you want to get fit again or give your skin a boost of radiance, enjoy the benefits of thermal spas and wellness services in Budapest.
Yumeiho therapy is a method of traditional oriental medicine. The Yumeiho massage therapy will correct your pelvic bones position and set the vertebral column properly. The aim of the massage cure: more complete and less painful life and recreation. The massage therapies are based on the Japanese meridian massage.
Optional: Visiting a Cosmetics & Hair Salon specialized in skin care rejuvenation
Having received your request, the availability and rate will be confirmed as soon as possible. The price depends on the content of the Beauty farm package. Advanced booking required by e-mail (info@apartmentilike.eu or iliu8636@gmail.com)

What are the greatest destinations on Earth? 1.2 million tourists belong to Minube community site of travellers who were interviewed. Budapest was also named as one of the favourites among the 50 cities that you must see during your lifetime.
Why is Budapest an unmissable tourist destination? The cultural heritage of Budapest, the large number of world heritage sites and tourist attractions were taken into account, as well as its uniqueness. The Minube community site is a mobile and web-based travel site that has over 60 million users from all over the world. Expand your bucket list with Budapest!

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