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TOP 10 tourist attractions
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TOP 1. House of Parliament

The neogothic building of Parliament in Budapest is the 3rd largest Parliament building of the world. The inside visit of the Parliament building, is one of the main attractions of Budapest. During the Parliament tour, you will see the richly decorated main staircase, later on the cupola room. Under the Parliament’s cupola the Hungarian Crown Jewels and the Hungarian Holy Crown are exhibited. Finally, you will visit the Session Room. Guide service is available in several languages.

TOP 2. Embankments of Danube

Budapest is the brightest pearl of river Danube. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has listed the Banks of the Danube and the Buda Castle Quarter as of outstanding universal value. The city is split into two by the river Danube, Buda being the hilly side and Pest, the commercial center, both full of historical monuments.

You can stroll along the Danube, which slices a path through the centre of Budapest. It’s a great location for walking, while enjoying an amazing view of the temples of Buda, Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion.

The seated statue of Attila József is situated by the river Danube at the south end of Budapest Parliament. He was the best known of modern Hungarian poets, internationally acknowledged. ’By the Danube’ is one of his famous poems.

On the bank of river Danube, between Kossuth square and Széchenyi István Square there is the composition of ’Shoes on the Danube bank’. The composition gives remembrance to the people shot into the river during the time of the Arrow Cross terror. To the memory of the victims, the sculptor created sixty pairs of shoes made of iron. Each shoe represents a tragical story, memorial to Holocaust.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Budapest. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Art Nouveau-style Gresham Palace, housing  the Four Seasons Hotel are located in Széchenyi Square.

The Duna Promenade starts from Eötvös Square and is between Chain Bridge and Elisabeth bridge. The Danube Promenade is a very popular place with full of tourists, admiring the panorama over the Danube towards the Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, 15th March Square is situated at the end of the Danube Promenade, where you can find  the statue of Sandor Petőfi, who was a famous Hungarian poet. From the 15th March Square you can see the Elisabeth Bridge, and Gellért Hill with the Citadel.


It is worth taking a sunset dinner cruise, departing in the evening and admire the breathtaking view of the lighted up Parliament and the sights of Budapest, at sunset.

TOP 3. St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest, Apartmentilike.euSt. Stephen's Basilica Budapest, Apartmentilike.euSt. Stephen's Basilica Budapest,

St. Stephen’s Basilica was built in neoclassical style. It is the largest church in Budapest. The Holy Right Hand of King Saint Stephen is on display. King Stephen of the Árpád dynasty was the founder of Hungarian state. If not afraid of heights, you can climb to the top of the tower and get one of the best views of Budapest. Don’t miss listening to organ concerts at the magnificent Basilica. Organ concerts on Tuesday and Friday. ApartmentIlike is the best location for visiting St Stephen’s Basilica. You can walk there (about 900 meters) or go there by the tram 2 on the panorama way of Budapest by the river Danube.

The small ice-rink by St. Stephens Basilica is open from Advent to New Year. Children may join a free skating training on the nicely decorated rink at the center of the Christmas fair.

TOP 4. Sights of the Castle District

Sights of the Castle district Fisherman's Bastion Budapest, Apartmentilike.euSights of the Castle district Halaszbastya tourists Budapest, Apartmentilike.euMatthias Church Budapest,

Main attractions of the Castle district Matthias Church overlooking the square of Holy Trinity. The religious highlight of Matthias Church is the Loreto Chapel, with the famous statue of the Virgin Mary and Christ, made in 1515. The Ottomans used Matthias Church as their primary mosque when Budapest was under Turkish rule. The 700-year-old Matthias Church is one of the jewels of Budapest. You will have one of the most beautiful panoramas from the Fisherman’s Bastion terrace over the city.
The Royal Palace stands majestically above the city, giving spectacular view of the Pest side and the Parliament building.

Royal Palace Budapest,

The Hungarian National Gallery occupies the central wing of the Royal Palace. The Hungarian National Gallery presents the largest public collection and documentation of Hungarian fine artwith the followingcollections: Medieval and Renaissance Stone carvings, Panel Paintings and Wooden Sculptures from the Gothic Period, Late Gothic Winged Altarpieces, Late Renaissance and Baroque Art, Paintings and Sculptures from the 19th Century, Mihály Munkácsy and the Realism of the End of the Century, 20th Century Art before 1945.

Matthias Fountain Budapest, Apartmentilike.euThe neo-baroque Matthias Fountain was created by Alajos Strobl in 1904. It is situated in the Matthias courtyard of Buda Castle. In the center of the composition, King Matthias stands on the highest rock with a falcon sitting on his arm and a huge hunted stag lying at his feet. The dogs are drinking water from the source and resting. The bronze figure of ’Szép Ilonka’ makes us remember the heroine of a famous ballad, who fell in love with King Matthias. The ballad was written by Mihály Vörösmarty. Matthias Corvinus (1443-1490), also called the Just in folk tales,was King of Hungary (as Matthias I) and Croatia from 1458, until his death. After conducting several military campaigns he became  also King of Bohémia and Duke of Austria. With his patronage Hungary became the first European country which adopted the Renaissance from Italy. As a Renaissance ruler, he established education institutions, patronized art and science, and introduced a new legal system in the Kingdom of Hungary. In the era of his kingship, Matthias strongly endeavoured to follow the model and ideas of the philosopher-king as described in Plato’s Republic.

TOP 5. Gellért Hill with the Liberty Monument and the Citadel

Gellert Hill with the Liberty Monument Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGellért Hill is located on the Buda side, between Liberty Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge. On the top of Gellért Hill you will see one of the most spectacular views, Budapest has to offer. Gellért Hill is a 230-meter-high dolomit rock, which is named after bishop Gellért from Italy. He was an Italian benedictine monk from Venice. King St. Stephen invited him to Hungary in 1015. Bishop Gellért played a major role in converting Hungary to Christianity. After King St. Stephen’s death there was a revolt against Christianity. Bishop Gellért was martyred during the pagan uprising, and by the legend he was rolled down in a wooden barrel from the top of Gellért hill, into the Danube.

Gellért Hill with the Liberty Monument and the Citadel is visible from several points of Budapest. The Citadel is a fortress which was built by the Habsburgs, after the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-1849. It is worth taking a stroll around the top of the hill and drink something at the Panorama restaurant.

The Liberty Monument consists of a central figure holding a palm leaf, flanked by statues representing evil and progress. Gellért Hill and the Liberty Monument have become landmarks of Budapest.

Garden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest,

On the side of Gellért Hill, you can visit a real hidden treasure, the Garden of Philosophy, which was made by the Hungarian sculptor, Nándor Wágner.

His concept was to form a circular center where he placed the life-size statues of those philosophers (Jesus, Buddha, Abraham, Akhenaten-Amenhotep IV., and Lao-tse) whose life and spiritual heritage had a great impact on people's way of thinking. The five statues around the center point are symbolizing different cultures and religions from all over the world.

You will feel a special energy flowing between the statues of the phylosophers.The statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Daruma Daishi and Saint Francis of Assisi, people from different ages and cultures, who achieved the spiritual enlightenment and had a major impact on their society.

Liberty Bridge Budapest, Apartmentilike.euLiberty Bridge Budapest,

The composition of the statues have a spiritual message to the current and next generations. There is only one way out for mankind, the ’better mutual understanding’. Nándor Wágner wrote: The Garden of Philosophy is exactly the step towards this direction.

The hungarian sculptor, Nándor Wágner spent the last 28 years of his life in Japan. The Garden of Philosophy was cast in 3 sets, one for Budapest, one for Tokyo and the last one for New York.

At the foot of Gellért Hill, close to Gellért Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool you will find the Cave Church, one of the unique sites of Budapest. Its entrance overlooks Liberty Bridge. The Roman Catholic church, is a grotto chapel with natural rock walls and small interior,which is heated by the natural thermal springs, below the cave.

Gellért Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool is a bath complex on the bank of river Danube at Liberty Bridge.

TOP 6. Heroes’ Square

Heroes' Square Budapest,

Heroes’ Square with the museums, Millennium Monument, Vajdahunyad Castle, City Park of Budapest. How can you reach Heroes’s Square from ApartmentIlike? Take tramline No. 2 at Kossuth Square and get off the tram at Vigadó square. After having a cup of coffee at Café Gerbaud, get on the underground railway to Heroes’s Square. It is continental Europe's oldest underground railway.

Heroes' Square is dominated by the Millennium Monument, with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of it. On the top of the pillar is the statue of Archangel Gabriel holding the Hungarian Holy Crown and the apostolic double cross in his hands. The Millennium Monument includes the seven chieftains of the Magyars, led by Prince Árpád, statues of the most famous Hungarian rulers and statesman and allegorical figures.

Heroes’ Square is surrounded by the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Art. Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park is just a short walk away from the Heroes’s Square. Vajdahunyad Castle was designed by Ignác Alpár, whose statue stands in front of the main gate. The castle displays different architectural styles, like Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Today it houses the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture.

Museum of Hungarian Agriculture Budapest,

TOP 7. Andrássy Avenue with Hungarian State Opera House

Andrassy Avenue is classified by UNESCO, as a World Heritage site. The Hungarian State Opera House is one of the jewels of Andrássy Avenue.

Andrássy Avenue connects the city center with City Park. There are eclectic neo-renaissance palaces, houses, luxury boutiques, fashion brand shops, restaurants, cafés along the avenue.

You can visit the House of Terror Museum. Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 60. The museum is the memorial to the victims of 20th century dictators, including the second world war period and the communist regime. If you are tired of walking, take the Millenium Underground Railway (M1), which runs beneath Andrássy Avenue.

Hungarian State Opera House Budapest, Apartmentilike.euThe Hungarian State Opera House is one of the jewels of Andrássy Avenue. It is highly recommended not only to visit the impressive Hungarian State Opera House because of its architecture (neo-Renaissance style with elements of Baroque) but alsofor classical music lovers to see a great opera performance. Tickets must be booked in advance.

The neo-Renaissance Hungarian State Opera House was designed by Miklós Ybl in 1884 and is among the city’s most beautiful buildings.
Alajos Strobl’s marble sphinxes decorate the corners, and his statues of Ferenc Erkel and Ferenc Liszt can be found in the recesses next to the entrance.
Its facade is decorated with statues of muses and opera greats such as Puccini and Mozart, while its interior dazzles with marble columns, gilded vaulted ceilings and chandeliers, and perfect acoustics.

TOP 8. Thermal spas of Budapest
, the healing tourist attractions of Budapest

Budapest is the world’s thermal spa capital. There are several unique steam medical thermal spas, bathes and wellness centers in Budapest. Thousands of tourists visit the spas of Hungary every year, making it one of the most important ’healing tourist attractions’. Budapest, the ’world’s thermal spa capital’, is rich in healing thermal waters. Thanks to the several minerals of the thermal water your body and soul will be ’re-born’. Hungary has a long tradition of using healing thermal waters and therapeutic mud in treatments of various diseases, like rheumatic pains, chronic arthritis and other joint illnesses. The water from drinking wells treat internal inflammations and gastric ulcers as well.

Gellert Spa Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGellert Spa Budapest,

The best healing thermal spas in Budapest, which have been known for centuries as centers of spa treatment and are praised all over the world, are Széchenyi Spa,– Rudas Spa, Gellért Spa, Lukács Spa and Veli Bej Bath. We recommend our guests a 7-night stay if they are travelling to relax and wish to be ’re-born’ and for those travelling for medical treatment and rehabilitation at least a 14-night stay is necessary. The best time to travel for visiting thermal spas in Budapest is between November and May.

Szechenyi Spa Budapest, Apartmentilike.euSzechenyi Spa Budapest,

Széchenyi Bath
Budapest is the best value city, where you can relax, bath and be entertained and train your mind by chess game, all in one visit to Széchenyi Thermal Bath. The Széchenyi bath has a hot-spring water with calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, also containing sodium and sulphate with significant content in fluoride and metaboric acid. Therapeutic suggestions: degenerative joint diseases, chronic and sub-acute arthritis, orthopedic and post-accident treatments.

There are 3 units at the Széchenyi thermal bath
- thermal section with thermal water pools
- swimming pools
- day care hospital

Nothing compares to swimming in the outdoor pool of Széchenyi Bath in snowfall, then relaxing in the pleasantly warm water while clouds of steam float in the air. Since Széchenyi, which happens to be the largest thermal bath in Budapest, is open all year round, you can experience the characteristics of all four seasons while relaxing in soothing thermal water or playing chess with locals, get various medical treatments, sweat it out in the sauna, and even purchase healing water capable of improving your skeletal and respiratory systems, while also curing stomach and kidney problems.

TOP 9. Royal Palace of Gödöllő

Royal Palace of Godollo Budapest, Apartmentilike.euVisitors at Royal Palace of Godollo Budapest, Apartmentilike.euRoyal Palace of Godollo Budapest,

Royal Palace of Gödöllő is the second largest Baroque Palace in the world.

There are guided tours at the palace in different languages.

Royal Palace of Gödöllö lies just on the outskirts of Pest and can be reached by the suburban railway (HÉV). From ApartmentIlike it will take more or less 1 hour 30 minutes.

Formerly the beautifully decorated baroque Palace was the summer residence of the most beloved Hungarian queen, Queen Elisabeth (Sissi) and Francis Joseph (Habsburg Emperor and Hungarian King 1867-1916). Sissi was a real 19th-century icon, a free spirit. She is locked into the Hungarians’ heart for ever. Elisabeth Bridge, over river Danube, linking the two parts of Budapest is dedicated to Sissi, as well.

This interior visit and the tour through the gardens of the Gödöllő Royal Palace, gives you a glimpse of times under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There are permanent exhibitions of Antal Grassalkovich and Queen Elizabeth (Sissi) relics. Discover the secrets of the hidden doors, bedrooms and lovers of the royal couple.

Visitors can dress up in period dresses as a queen and have their photographs taken. It will be a wonderful keepsake of the trip to Royal Palace of Gödöllő.

TOP 10. Danube Bend tour (Esztergom–Visegrád–Szentendre)

Basilica of Esztergom Budapest, Apartmentilike.euIn front of the Basilica Budapest, Apartmentilike.euStatue of St. Stephen's coronation Budapest,

The easy one day Danube Bend tour is an excursion into Hungary’s history. This is an exciting tour along the river Danube, with stops in popular tourist destinations, like Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre.

Esztergom is North of Budapest, on the right side of river Danube. It was the seat of the Hungarian Kingdom from 1000 to 1242.

The main touris attractions of Esztergom are the neoclassical Cathedral (Basilica), located in Szent István Square on Castle Hill and the Statue of St. Stephen’s Coronation, which was made by the famous Hungarian sculptor, Miklós Melocco.

The Basilica of Esztergom is dedicated to the Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Adalbert. It is the largest Roman Catholic church of Hungary and one of the biggest in Europe. The inner area of the Basilica is about 5600 square meters, it is 118 meters long and 49 meters wide.

The altarpiece was painted by Girolamo Michelangelo Grigoletti, and it is the largest painting in the world painted on a single piece of canvas. The Basilica of Esztergom is also famous for Bakócz Chapel, built by Italian masters. Its walls were decorated with Tuscan Renaissance motifs, and it is the most precious relic of Hungarian Reneissance art.

It is worth visiting the Crypt, which was built in Old Egyptian style. The Crypt is the burial place of famous cardinals of Hungary, like Archbisoph József Mindszenty, who led a critical campaign against the communist regime and the 20th century’s Nazi and communist crimes.

The Treasury of Esztergom Basilica is the richest ecclesiastical collection in Hungary containing Byzantine, Hungarian and Italian objects.

You can admire a breathtaking view of Esztergom and river Danube from the Cupola, though it can be a challeng as there are about 400 steps leading to the top. Glance across the river and enjoy the view over to Sturovo (Slovakia), as well.

Admission is free to the Basilica (except the Cupola, the Crypt and the Treasury).

Maria Valeria Bridge Budapest, Apartmentilike.euMaria Valeria Bridge connects Esztergom (Hungary) and Sturovo, in Hungarian Párkány (Slovakia). It is the best place to take great photos of the Basilica and its surroundings. It’s worth walking over the bridge to Slovakia.
The bridge is only 517.60 meters in length. Because Slovakia and Hungary are part of the Schengen Area there are no border controls on the bridge.
Maria Valeria Bridge is named after the fourth child of Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi).
Since its opening on 28 September 1895, the bridge has been destroyed twice. During Wold War II, retreating German troops blew up the bridge on 26 December 1944. The bridge was not rebuilt untill the new millenium, finally reopening on 11 October 2001.

The Cloud Castle (in Hungarian Fellegvár) is located on the hill in the forest, from where you can enjoy a fascinating panorama. The river seems as it were a green snake running away in the Danube valley. The best view of the Danube bend is from the Salamon Tower and the Citadel. The Royal Palace of Visegrad lies in ruins. Walking on the 750-year-old stones of the former summer Royal Residence, you can imagine the life in the middle ages.

On the way back, stop in the picturesque artists' town of Szentendre. It is a small baroque town at the gate of the Danube Bend, at the meeting place of the river Danube and the Pilis mountains, in a beautiful natural environment.

We wander around the baroque settlement, built on medieval ruins and walk along the narrrow streets. Then you will have the opportunity to go shopping or to visit the Margit Kovács Ceramics Museum or the Confectionery Museum (marzipan figures).

We recommend to visit the National Wine Museum, as well.

The Wine museum introduces the development of the Hungarian grapes and wine culture outlining the characteristics of the Hungarian wine-growing regions. There are also wine tasting occasions and shopping facilities. 2000 Szentendre, Bogdanyi u. 10.

Skanzen. The Szentendre Open Air Museum presents folk architecture, interior decoration, farming and way of life in the Hungarian language area from the 2nd half of the 18th century to the 1st half of the 20th century. Address: 2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út

In summer (between 1st May and 30th September) you can return to Budapest by boat. The tour ends at the pier in the city centre.

Best of Budapest
Recommended itinerary with sightseeing routes

There are so much to do in Budapest and surroundings that it would take at least a week to see and enjoy all the historic attractions, thermal bath parties, boat trips on river Danube and taste the delicious Hungarian foods and wines in different restaurants.

Our popular self-guided itinerary covers the best things to do during your Budapest vacation. These routes are the best way to see Budapest’s history and remarkable beauty.

Day 1

Arrive at ApartmentIlike, leisure time for a stroll and visit some nearby tourist attractions on foot.

Marthyrs Square Budapest, Apartmentilike.euMuseum of Ethnography Budapest, Apartmentilike.euHouse of Parliament Budapest,

Ronald Reagan walking on Liberty Square Budapest, Apartmentilike.euShoes on the Danube bank Budapest, Apartmentilike.euShoes on the Danube bank Budapest,

St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest, Apartmentilike.euSt. Stephen's Basilica Budapest,

Day 2

Sightseeing route:
ApartmentIlike - St. Stephens Basilica - Andrássy Avenue - State of Opera House - Heroes’s Square - Vajdahunyad Castle - Széchenyi Bath - ApartmentIlike
For classical music lovers a great opera performance is not to be missed at Hungarian State Opera House.

Whether you want to get fit again or give your skin a boost of radiance, enjoy the benefits of Széchenyi thermal spa and wellness services.The thermal spa lets you refresh your body and soul. It will be the perfect escape!

We suggest you, to take a Budapest night sightseeing tour and the city will appear different from how it is during the day.

House of Parliament Budapest, Apartmentilike.euTram line 2 Budapest,

Marthyr's Square Budapest, Apartmentilike.euState of Opera House Budapest,

Ice-rink Budapest, Apartmentilike.euIce-rink Budapest,

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Apartmentilike.euHeroes's Square Budapest,

Day 3
Sightseeing route: ApartmentIlike - Széchenyi square - Chain Bridge - Funicular ride from river level to the top of Castle Hill (short ride but great views on the way up and down Buda Castle Hill) - Buda Castle - Hungarian National Gallery - Matthias Fountain - Matthias Church - Fisherman’s Bastion – ApartmentIlike.

Buda Castle Budapest, Apartmentilike.euBuda Castle Budapest,

Fisherman's Bastion Budapest, Apartmentilike.euTourists in Fisherman's Bastion Budapest,

Recommend to take some desserts at Ruszwurm. It is tiny little café with 2 rooms to sit in and has operated since 1827. The oldest, historic café house in Budapest, takes you back in time. They have one of the best apple strudels in Budapest.

The Marzipan Museum, café and pastry shop is in Hilton Budapest, boasts an exhibit of creative marzipan products, sculptures and famous Hungarian buildings, as well as other delicious marzipan products. Danube Legend cruise in the afternoon. Experience how the legends of Budapest come alive. It will be very interesting, going back in time while enjoying the lighted up sights of Budapest like the Parliament building, the Royal Palace and the illuminated bridges. Audio-guide and film in 30 languages.

Day 4

On this day, cook like the locals. Go to Central Market Hall, which is both a market and a tourist attraction.

Hungarian gulash Budapest,

You can find a wide selection of meat, vegetables, fruits, all you need for cooking a Hungarian gulash. Having purchased the range of goods you need, tote home and cook a great lunch! Ilike, the hostess of ApartmentIlike, will help you, with the best recipe of Hungarian gulash.

In the afternoon visiting the world’s second largest Synagogue in Budapest, the Dohány Street Synagogue Complex with the Jewish Museum (we recommend interior visits) and the famous Tree of Life, Temple of Heroes and the Cemetery in the Jewish Garden.

Synagogue Budapest, Apartmentilike.euSynagogue Budapest,

It is worth visiting the beautifully restored Gozsdu Courtyard, as well. Then visit the cafés and restaurants of the Ruin Pub Quarter. We recommend one of the best pubs, if not the best, which is Szimpla Kert. At Gozsdu Courtyard you can visit the Antique market on Saturdays from spring to autumn.

Day 5

Sightseeing route:
ApartmentIlike - Central Market Hall - Gellért Cave Chapel - Gellért Hill, Liberty Monument and the Citadel - Gellért Bath to relax or visit the Garden of Philosophy - ApartmentIlike.

 Central Market Hall Budapest, Apartmentilike.euLiberty Monument Budapest, Apartmentilike.euLiberty Bridge Budapest,

To taste the real Budapest, visit the most famous food market , the Central Market Hall. It is a 'must see tourist attraction' for anyone who enjoys the smells and lively, vibrant atmosphere of markets. The Central Market Hall is close to the River Danube. It’s easy to reach from, by  tram line 2 (only 5 stops), which runs along the bank of the Danube. The Central Market Hall is a colourful market of exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, fish and meat, authentic Herz Classic Hungarian winter salami and plenty of souvenirs on three-levels. It is a great place to visit even in rainy and cold weather.

By the way don’t miss one of the best traditional „street food” in Hungary, the delicious „langos” . It is a crispy yet pillowy flat bread topped with anything you want, like cheese,sour cream and garlic,even nutella and banana. It is awesome ! 

After visiting the Central Market Hall, walk over Liberty Bridge. It is the shortest bridge in Budapest. At the foot of Gellért Hill there is a unique Roman Catholic cave church. It’s worth taking a peaceful pause and visit it.

On the top of Gellért Hill you will see one of the most spectacular views, Budapest has to offer. Thanks to its prominent position, Gellért Hill with the Liberty Monument and the Citadel is visible from several points of Budapest. At the end of the day you can have a relaxing afternoon at Gellért Bath or you can visit the Garden of Philosophy, which is a real hidden treasure. The composition of the statues have a spiritual message to the current and next generations. There is only one way out for mankind, the ’better mutual understanding’.

Garden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest,

Garden of Philosophy Budapest,

Garden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGarden of Philosophy Budapest,

Day 6

Visit Gödöllő Royal Palace, the second largest Baroque Palace in the world.

Gödöllő Royal Palace lies just on the outskirts of Pest, and can be reached by the suburban railway (HÉV). It will take more or less 1 hour 30 minutes.

Gödöllő Royal Palace Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGödöllő Royal Palace Budapest, Apartmentilike.euGödöllő Royal Palace Budapest,

How can you reach Gödöllő Royal Palace from ApartmentIlike?
Take the Metro Line 2 at Kossuth Square. At the final stop (Örs vezér Square) you have to take the suburban railway (HÉV). It will take more or less 50-60 minutes to get to Gödöllő, Szabadság Square stop. Get off the HÉV and walk 300 meters (5 minutes) to Gödöllő Royal Palace. Guided tours in different languages are recommend to book.

After the interior visit, you will drive to a traditional farm, then a horseman will take you for a Carriage Ride around the area and will invite you to a traditional Horse Show in the horse ranch of the Lazar brothers, the famous horse carriage racing World Champions. Enjoy the traditional Horse Show, including the Puszta Five, which is the main attraction, when the rider rides 5 horses. After the horse show, you’ll feel like a ’King’ at a traditional Hungarian dinner offered by Lázár Equestrian Park.
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Day 7

Do you want a retro driving feeling?
Memento Park Budapest, Apartmentilike.euLeave your ’Mercedes’ in the garage, rent an East German Trabant and drive to Memento Park. Trabant has a 2-stroke engine, it is made of ’paper and plastic’, therefore it was called ’Paper Jaguar’.

Of course, you can take a bus to Memento Park, as well. This bus will leave at least once a day from Deák Square. It is very close to ApartmentIlike, by Metro Line 2 from Kossuth Square, it will be 1 metro stop.

Memento Park Budapest, Apartmentilike.euMemento Park (Statue Park Museum) is an open-air museum in Budapest, with the real atmosphere of the past communist area. Statues and monuments of the communist period are exhibited. The statues are surprisingly large and often impressive in their monumentality. You can also see the ’Life of an Agent’, a film montage that shows how the secret police was trained to snoop on its own citizens.Memento Park Trabant Budapest,

It is worth taking a farewell dinner cruise, departing in the evening and admire the breathtaking view of the lighted up Parliament and the sights of Budapest, at sunset.

Day 8 Departure

Enjoy your leisure time for shopping or relax


For families with kids

Budapest is child-friendly town, there are several well-organized, exciting things to do with children all over the city.

Budapest Zoo Budapest, Apartmentilike.euPalatinus Spa Budapest, Apartmentilike.euBudapest Zoo Budapest,

Pinokkio Budapest, Apartmentilike.euMiniverzum Budapest, Apartmentilike.euAquaworld Budapest,

Olympia Park Playground
For young children, on the Danube bank, at a short walking distance from the Parliament building and ApartmentIlike.

On Margaret Island, Palatinus is an outdoor bath for water fanatics in summer.
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Aquaworld Resort Budapest is the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe, which offers unforgettable entertainment, a range of great programmes for kids and families, like swimming, a summer camp, a playhouse. Open all year round. There is a free shuttle bus between Heroes’ Square and Aquaworld.

Fairy Tale Museum is an interactive, indoor adventure space for young children to run, play and explore the basic elements of fairy tales.

The 300-square-meter Interactive Train Table & Playhouse is the newest attraction for kids. Miniversum is located on the ground floor of Kraus Palace. You can explore the best known sights of Germany, Austria, and Hungary. There's also a playhouse with 5 modelling tables for 5 different age groups.

Gorzenal the largest roller-skate and leisure park in Europe on a 14,000-square-meter area.

Palace of Miracles demonstrating the miracles of physics and chemistry to children on 2000-square-meter area.

Gellért Hill is a great fun for families with kids. There are great parks and playgrounds.

Take some excursions to Buda Hills by uncommon vehicles, like the Children’s Railway, the Chairlift or the Cogwheel Railway. It will make the trip interesting and fun.

Visegrád Toboggan is located north of Budapest with 2 lanes: summer toboggan and alpine coaster, 700-meter-long slide.

Bobsliding is a great fun for families.Visegrád Bobsled Track (Address: Nagyvillám)
For lunch or dinner Nagyvillám Restaurant is recommended on Black Hill. We recommend families to eat outside and book a table in advance in summer.

Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
Where everyone can be a child again. There are several hundreds of land and water animals. It is located in the City Park, close to Capital Circus of Budapest, Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Vajdahunyad Castle.

Capital Circus of Budapest
Europe’s only permanent big top has everything one would expect from a circus, including acrobats, big cats and daredevils on horseback. Performances are usually at 3pm Wednesday to Sunday, with additional shows at 11am and 7 pm on Saturday and at 11am on Sunday, but call ahead or check the website. (From Lonley Planet website)

City Park Ice Rink
It is Europe’s largest outdoor ice-skating rink. It is situated close to Heroes’s Square. Open from mid-November to the end of February. Skating on City Park Ice Rink you can enjoy the view of charming Vajdahunyad Castle. Skates can be rented.

Christmas Fair at St. Stephen’s Basilica & Vörösmarthy square

St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest, Apartmentilike.euChristmas Fair Budapest, Apartmentilike.euChristmas Fair wedding Budapest,

Christmas Fair wedding Budapest, Apartmentilike.euChristmas Fair Budapest, Apartmentilike.euChristmas Fair Budapest,

There are two Christmas markets close to each other, in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica and the other one is in Vörösmarthy Square. ApartmentIlike is the best location for Christmas markets, you can walk there or go there by public transportation easily. The best choice is travelling by the illuminated tram line 2 on the panorama way of Budapest. The small ice-rink by the St. Stephen’s Basilica is open from Advent to New Year.

The national Christmas Tree with colorful festive lighting stands in the middle of the Kossuth Square, in front of Budapest’s Parliament building. Christmas programmes for children and the whole family, close to ApartmentIlike. Surrounded by wooden stalls which offer special Hungarian arts and crafts products, especially Christmas gifts made from natural materials with original handicraft techniques.

Vörösmarty Square Christmas Fair Budapest, Apartmentilike.euThe National Christmas Tree Budapest, Apartmentilike.euVörösmarty Square Christmas Fair Budapest,

Christmas Fair Budapest, Apartmentilike.euVörösmarty Square Christmas Fair Budapest,

Vörösmarty Square Christmas Fair Budapest, Apartmentilike.euVörösmarty Square Christmas Fair Budapest,

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